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Notes on updating this site

Editing Pages –

The Artist, Shop, Classes, Links, Contacts are all editied the same way. Click on the little house above ‘Visit Site navigate tot eh page you want to edit click ‘edit page’ in top black bar menu or at bottom of page.


Click all pages in dk grey menu LHS choose the page title click edit.

‘Gallery’ is a special page and you will need to ask me to make changes to it. Same for the Home page & carousel or slider images on the front page.

Adding Art:

Go to ‘Posts’ LHS Dk grey menu

Add New / Add title and choose feature image

The image needs to be square format if possible I’ve used 500 x 500px – Screen resolution (72 pixels per inch which is v close to 72 dots per inch). The image can be pre loaded using the LHS ‘Media’  insterface OR uploaded while creating the new art / post.

Check the box for the appropiote category for the art for example figurative

Hit the big ‘Publish’ button RHS and preview also RHS to check your work

REMOVING OR Editing art

Go to ‘Posts’ LHS Dk grey menu

Choose the ‘post’ by title

Edit .then hit ‘update button’

To remove click ‘Move to trash’ Red link RHS near update